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Why SaaS Companies Need Great Data Storage Solutions

Software as a Service (SaaS) has hit the business world in a huge way, so much so that the industry is expected to grow by $76 billion by 2020. By delivering and licensing software to be accessed via online subscriptions, SaaS companies allow businesses to streamline IT departments and services significantly by eliminating expensive hardware acquisition costs, removing the need for ongoing provisioning and maintenance, and removing the need for constant manual installation management. Providing scalable remote access to software for clients means SaaS providers themselves need to ensure that their data storage solutions are top of the line. Let’s dig deeper into why it’s important for SaaS companies to retain robust data storage solutions in order to meet the needs of their own clients.

Secure a Data Storage Solution that Scales to the Business

Software as a Service providers need to utilize data storage technology that can support standard operating procedures. With flexible service arrangements in place with clients, SaaS data storage needs are also flexible, requiring a solution that can scale vertically as quickly as client needs shift.

Security Concerns

As businesses offload more and more IT solutions into SaaS platforms, the amount of sensitive data being stored in remote storage is increasing. Service level agreements dictate how the data is stored and how accessible it is to clients, but the real fear and concern that SaaS providers need to be mindful of when securing a relationship with a data storage solutions provider is that data security and integrity is paramount. A clearly defined data security plan, including data redundancy and a response plan for catastrophic data loss events or security breaches should be a given for any data storage solution provider agreement.

Persistent Accessibility

Software as a Service vendors rely on their ability to provide persistent and stable software access to their clients, and as a result themselves need to partner with a data storage solutions partner capable of the same. This includes the ability to roll out automatic updates and software patches easily to all users as needed. Interruptions in service mean that clients cannot access their data or software necessary to execute business practices, and damages the SaaS vendor’s reputation as a reliable service provider.

Stable Service Offerings

If terms and conditions are constantly being changed by a data storage solutions provider, affecting service levels and costs, it can lead to chaos further down the service chain and negatively impact the SaaS provider’s ability to maintain a stable service level agreement of their own. Again, stability in the data storage solution allows the SaaS to provide stable and consistent levels of service to their own clients.

Vendors You Can Trust, At Your Fingertips

SANDirect understands the data storage needs of Software as a Service vendors, and we have gone out of our way to partner with leaders in data storage technology services to ensure our clients get access to the solutions they need. Describe your application here and we’ll help to partner you with a solutions provider that best matches your organization’s goals.

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