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Scalability and Data Storage

Updated: May 1, 2019

Scalability is the ability of an organization or process to adapt and grow or streamline according to a change in requirements. As modern networking and business practices generate increasing levels of data, with 60% of businesses putting funds aside in the event they need to expand upon their storage capabilities, scalability has become a driving business component in data storage managed services. Let’s talk more about how companies in many industries, through the use of scalable data storage solutions, are leveraging their now expandable infrastructure to improve and expand their businesses.

Methods of Data Storage Expansion

The term “cloud storage” often creates a distance in clients’ minds between their data and the physical location where that data is stored. In reality, the data storage services industry has moved IT servers out of the server rooms hidden away in every office to massive off-site server rooms. These large-scale data storage facilities have to provide clients with adaptable storage solutions.

  • Vertical Scaling: When a client’s data requirements require additional storage, the service provider expands client access to additional storage mediums.

  • Horizontal Scaling: A vital component in managed storage services, horizontal scaling increases performance capabilities and enables faster and more efficient data management across internal networks.

Support Growth, Support Complexity

These methods for expanding and scaling your data storage infrastructure speak to very real business needs in the modern economy. With IoT and 5G technologies looming over the horizon, data storage service providers will become vital in the coming years to allow companies to truly become adaptive and agile enough to process and manage the expected exponential growth in data.

Other current trends in telecom and technology - augmented reality, artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning - will also add increasing levels of complexity to the types and volume of data that companies will need to store and manage.

Scalable Services, Scalable Partnerships

Data storage industry service providers must be able to provide targeted and adaptable services to their clients. SANDirect is able to leverage its partnerships with expert storage solutions providers to give its own clients access to scalable and flexible options that keep them competitive and able to grow their businesses.

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