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Preparing for Business Continuity, Not Just Data Backup

In the modern economy, the health and integrity of your organization’s website and IT infrastructure are just as vital to your success as a skilled workforce. Customers have come to expect world-class service and access to your brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Building the most robust service-based service platform and hiring the best remote service center to field phone calls during off-business hours won’t do your company any good if a server crash or a hard-drive failure interrupts service across your brand. The cost of downtime in an always-on business model can quickly spiral out of control with lost revenue and long-term damage to your reputation increasing costs on other fronts. This is why effective IT strategies must include a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery plan in their data backup service, not just for redundancy in data to ensure access if equipment is lost or data is corrupted, but to ensure the overall ability of your company to sustain business continuity.

Is Your Data Storage Services Provider … Just That?

When identifying the right backup service provider to meet your needs, it’s a given that the service provider must be able to handle data recovery, virtualizing your servers, and the other technical functions involved in transferring and storing your historical business transactions and client data.

Business continuity services combine the technical ability to keep your services up and accessible in the event of a hardware failure, natural disaster, or catastrophic data corruption, with the organizational services to ensure employees and stakeholders across your company understand their role when an event occurs and that the levels of data storage and management provided align with client service contracts and regulatory requirements to minimize or eliminate the costs of contractual and legal disputes.

A Growing Need For Robust Business Continuity Services

With competition between the major data backup services drive prices in the market down, it’s easy for a company to find an off-the shelf solution if all they want to do is store their data offsite. However, as data breach events become more widespread, businesses are realizing just how crucial disaster recovery service providers are and the market for these services is expected to be valued at $12.54 billion by 2022.

Companies are understanding quickly from the failures of peers across the economy that they need service providers able to identify and execute proper cloud storage strategies that adhere to compliance regulations and able to provide comprehensive response and recovery plans built to encompass all aspects of their IT infrastructure.

Don’t wait for a data disaster to strike your business. Reach out to SANDirect, a leading service provider, today and you’ll find a partner willing to ensure that your data is not only backed up and accessible, but that you’re company can survive and thrive in the 24x7x365 economy no matter what challenges it experiences.

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