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Best Data Storage Solutions for Real Estate & Housing Companies

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Are you a real estate agent or broker? Do you manage a housing company that leases tens or hundreds of units in multiple locations? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you need a data storage solution.

You may think, “I already have the perfect data storage solution – the hard drive on my computer.” If your book of business is big enough, your idea of perfect data storage may even be an on-premise datacenter that the members of your team can access when they’re physically present in your office.

While your hard drive or your in-house datacenter may be enough for now, what will happen when your book of business grows? What will you do when you go from listing five properties a month on your own to running an agency that lists thousands of properties every year? Similarly, will your current data storage technology be able to help you manage your properties efficiently when you’re responsible for thousands of rental units instead of just a handful of them?

Cloud-Based, Flash and Hybrid Data Storage Solutions

Several storage technologies have evolved in recent years that have the characteristics real estate and property management professionals need data storage systems to have for them to be practical in their fields. Here are some of the traits data storage systems must have to meet the typical demands of real estate agents and brokers and property managers:

Lead Management

Real estate agents and brokers and housing companies must constantly source leads. For this reason, they’re often engaged in various activities to generate new leads, such as email marketing, online and traditional advertising and telemarketing campaigns. These professionals need a data storage solution that can track their leads and where they came from. This kind of information can enhance the collaboration between their sales and marketing teams and improve their overall advertising as a result.

Customer Relationship Management

A data storage solution that’s practical for real estate agencies and housing companies must also be able to capture information about current and prospective clients, tenants and lessees. This information must be immediately accessible to authorized users so they can render the requisite level of customer service on a personal level.


Real estate agents and brokers and property managers are often on the go. This makes it necessary for storage technologies to allow them to access information from any location using the device of their choice.


Housing companies and real estate professionals are trusted with a lot of personal information, such as social security numbers, bank account numbers and driver’s license numbers. Given the sensitive nature of the information they work with on a regular basis, the data storage solutions they use must be secure.


Housing companies and real estate agencies need data storage systems that are scalable so they can grow as their respective books of business grow, sometimes exponentially, in the future.

What are three kinds of data storage solutions that have all the desirable characteristics listed above and many more? Cloud-based, flash and hybrid data storage technologies, of course!

Complete Our Data Storage Checklist

If you know the characteristics and capabilities you want in a data storage solution but aren’t sure which data storage technology is the best for your real estate agency or housing company, don’t worry. Fill out our data storage checklist instead. We’ll look over your checklist and the data storage experts at SanDirect will configure the best data storage solution for you given your unique needs. Complete our data storage checklist today.

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