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Best Data Storage Solutions for Gaming

There’s nothing quite like sitting down in front of your gaming computer and playing your favorite game at the end of a long day, is there? If you’re a serious gamer or even just a semi-serious one, spending some screen time with your favorite game can be a gratifying reward after a day riddled with challenges at work and on the home front.

While that’s the case, things can go awry pretty quickly if you don’t have the right kind of storage for your gaming computer. Games, media, highly detailed images…there are a lot of things that are fighting for real estate on your computer’s hard drive. If you install AAA games on your computer, you can expect that many of them will occupy a lot of space on your hard drive because they often have install sizes of 100GB or more.

For console gamers, upgrading their computer’s internal hard drive or using an external USB drive has become common since games seem to have ever-increasing install sizes. While those are certainly viable options, there are others out there. Solid state drives can make using your computer much more enjoyable on a daily basis because of their speed, for example.

Storage Technologies for Gamers

Because large capacity SSD drives can be expensive, it’s often wise to use a platter drive in connection with an SSD drive if you’re going to build a gaming PC. Platter drives are often used by gamers for data storage. This kind of data storage technology contains spindles that work with round discs to store date magnetically. While platter drives are affordable and they can accommodate large amounts of data, they’re fragile and vulnerable to shock and vibrations.

Unlike platter drives, solid state drives don’t have any moving components. SSDs are faster at finding and reading data compared to platter drives. SSDs generate very little heat and they operate quietly. Unfortunately, all the benefits that come with a solid state drive come at a cost. Although SSDs with smaller capacities are practical for many gamers, SSDs that have a terabyte or more are often cost prohibitive.

If you load your gaming computer’s operating system to an SSD, you’ll notice a difference in every task you perform with your operating system. Doing this will significantly reduce the time your PC needs to power up, for instance, and you’ll be able to search the Internet much faster.

While loading your operating system to a solid state drive will improve its performance and speed, using an SSD with your games may not necessary have the same effects. While your load times may improve if you load your games on an SSD, you might not see many in-game enhancements. If you play large, open world games or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds you may notice some improvements when you’re playing, however.

Fill Out Our Storage Checklist

Of course, finding the right data storage solutions for your personal gaming computer is one thing. Finding the best storage systems when you’re in the business of gaming is quite another. At SANDirect, we work with an array of partners who offer data storage solutions that are ideal for companies that compete in the gaming industry.

We invite you to fill out our storage checklist now. Once we have your information, we’ll research several data storage technologies that are perfect for your gaming business. Complete our storage checklist and let us find the storage solutions that are best for your organization today.

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