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Best Data Storage Solutions for Data Analytics

No matter what industry you’re in, the odds are good that you analyze data. You compare sales figures from one year to the next. You track what your competitors are doing. You keep tabs on what’s happening in the marketplace. And those are just a few of the metrics a typical business owner monitors.

What happens if your organization is in the business of analyzing data? Well, that means you have a lot more data to store. It also means you have a lot more data to analyze. It means you need the best data storage technology to keep up as well.

Data Storage Options

If you analyze a virtual ton of data on a regular basis, one of your biggest concerns when it comes to data storage technologies will likely be the number of inputs/outputs per second, or IOPS, that a given technology can support. While that’s the case, there are two other things you need to consider. And those things are bandwidth rate and latency.

In general, you have two kinds of data storage systems to choose from that are appropriate in the contexts of IOPS, bandwidth rate and latency for organizations that process a large amount of data on a daily basis, on- and off-premise data storage solutions. Here are a few of your options:

Network Attached Storage

This on-premise storage solution employs file-level storage. You can increase the storage capacity and performance of a NAS system by adding nodes. Similarly, you can scale up a NAS data storage system by adding disks to your existing nodes.

Storage Area Network

A SAN is another on-premise data storage solution. This option uses object-level storage and a flat data structure. A SAN system locates data using unique IDs, which makes processing high volumes of data easier compared to a system that employs a hierarchical storage system.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an off-premise data storage solution, as you can infer from its name. Cloud storage is available on both private and public bases. In instances where you need to access your stored data often, it’s generally wise to opt for private cloud storage. You can access your data from anywhere in the world if you go with cloud storage. Cloud storage doesn’t just ensure easy access to your data, it also enables data recovery. With the cloud, you can replicate your data over multiple data centers with ease, which provides another layer of security. Cloud storage service providers use advanced encryption techniques to protect your stored information before, during and after transit for even greater security.

Choosing a Data Storage Solution

As you’d expect, the data storage solutions described above aren’t the only options available to you. While that’s good news to some, it can make choosing a data storage technology even more daunting for others. There’s no reason to feel overwhelmed, however, because we can help.

So we can help you identify the data storage technology that’s best for your company, we invite you to complete our confidential data storage checklist. Based on the information you provide, we’ll determine which data storage solution will work best for your business. Complete our checklist and submit it to SANDirect today!

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