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Best Data Storage Solutions for Clinical Trial Data

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

As recently as 15 years ago, data storage technology wasn’t widely used in clinical research. Today, data storage systems are used in clinical studies of just about every size and any level of complexity. In fact, electronic data capture, or EDC, now has a well-established track record of success in clinical trials.

The Potential Benefits of Electronic Data Storage in Clinical Trials

The potential benefits data storage can provide in clinical trials are undeniable. Here are a few of them:

  • Lowering long-term trial costs

  • Minimizing mistakes

  • Providing access to data in real-time

  • More convenient access to data

  • Shortening the length of trails

Adoption of EDC in Early Phase Clinical Research Trials

While those potential benefits are certainly meaningful, the adoption of EDC in the early phases of research isn’t as commonplace as you may think, particularly among small and midsize research organizations. Instead of using modern storage technologies, early phase clinical trials sometimes use manual paper processes.

There are several possible reasons for this. Shorter study durations and lower participant counts are two reasons why some clinical trials employ paper data collection and storage processes. Not having to pay to train researchers to use an electronic data storage system is another reason.

In years past, organizations that rely on paper processes often cited the cost of electronic data storage solutions as a leading reason they didn’t use them. With all the advances made in recent years, the cost of data storage solutions has dropped considerably so the price of these systems should no longer be a barrier to using them for many early phase clinical trials.

Reasons to Use Data Storage Technology in Early Phase Clinical Research

There are several significant reasons you may want to use data storage technology in clinical trials that are in the beginning stages. This kind of technology can enable you to recruit and approve participants for your study faster, for example. A data storage system can also allow you to collect data much faster and with a higher degree of accuracy. Because they allow you to view data in real-time, electronic storage solutions can help you to move a new drug through the development process more rapidly, too.

Today’s data storage technologies can be implemented faster, which is another reason you should consider using them. You also don’t have to do as much training to teach people how to use these systems compared to what used to be required.

Find the Best Data Storage Solutions through SANDirect

Whether your clinical trial is in the early or latter stages, you can find the best data storage solution for your research through SANDirect. Our global data storage partners offer a wide array of data storage technologies that are ideal for clinical trial data, including cloud, all-flash and hybrid alternatives.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of using EDC for your next clinical trial, we invite you to contact us today. We’ll discuss your data storage needs with you and we’ll help you identify the data storage technology that’s best for you. Contact SANDirect now so you can enjoy the benefits of data storage technology as you move forward with your research.

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