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Best Data Storage Solutions for Call Centers

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

What’s the mission of a call center? For many, providing outstanding customer service, generating sales, resolving problems and qualifying leads are primary goals. Whatever the objectives of a given call center are, it’s likely that the center will employ several different kinds of technology to achieve its mission.

Call center technology varies from very basic systems to sophisticated setups. Here are just some of the technologies you may come across in a call center:

  • CTI or Computer Telephony Integration: This technology allows computers and telephones to work together, which increases efficiency and makes managing calls easier.

  • ACD or Automatic Call Distributor: This system answers calls and directs them to the terminal or call center representative who can address a caller’s needs the best.

  • Interactive Voice Response: IVR is a system that enables callers to get the information they need without requiring them to talk to a person.

  • Predictive Dialer: A predictive dialer automatically dials phone numbers for agents, saving them time. This kind of system works across multiple channels, including mobile, text, social, email and chat.

  • Call Recording System: This type of system records calls to capture your agents’ interactions with callers. An advanced call recording system can capture other kinds of interactions associated with calls as well, including chats and emails.

  • CRM: Agents have access to the information they need to resolve a problem when they’re using CRM software. This kind of system can also store information about past interactions that can be referenced in future exchanges with a given caller.

Why Call Centers Need Data Storage Technology

Even if you only consider some of the technologies listed above, it should be clear why call centers need data storage. If a system is going to record calls, for instance, it only makes sense for a call center to have storage technologies to keep the recorded interactions intact.

Companies have created data storage solutions for call centers because systems like IVRs and ACDs generate plenty of data related to every call a call center receives or makes. These systems record a call’s identification number, the actions an agent takes, the length of time that transpires between actions and a lot of other information.

Based on these records, it’s possible to trace the history of every call in the system. If a call center uses CTI, the center can get even more information from its stored calls, such as the topic of a specific conversation and detailed account information about a caller.

Call Center Data Storage Systems

The specific data storage systems that will work best in your call center depend on various factors, such as the size of your call center, your call volume and what you plan to do with the data you store. While that’s the case, many of today’s top call center data storage systems are cloud based. Cloud based systems eliminate the need to install physical storage in a call center.

If you operate a call center and want the best data storage technology at your location, we encourage you to contact SANDirect. We work with some of the world’s most respected data storage providers and we’ll be happy to help you find the best data storage solution for your call center. Contact SANDirect today.

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