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Best Data Storage Solutions for 2D & 3D Mapping Data

You don’t have to work with drones to know that the drone industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. When it comes to the commercial sector, you can often simply look up to appreciate how much the drone industry has grown recently. As the drone industry continues to grow, many startups and established businesses may struggle with finding data storage technology that is both affordable and able to keep up with their evolving needs.

Data Storage Needs

The amount of data that drones have the ability to capture is tremendous. Both 2D and 3D mapping images can be gotten in visual and infrared perspectives, for example. Multispectral videos and multi-angle videos are just a few of the additional kinds of footage that many commercial drones are capable of capturing.

A typical commercial drone can record a lot of data with its cameras and sensors. For this reason, storage space can quickly become a problem, particularly for small startups with limited resources. Depending on the number of drones you operate, storing information on local servers may not be feasible. Even if it is now, it may not be as your business grows in the future.

If you can store data on your local server, it may still not be an ideal storage solution. Storing data on a local server can be time-consuming, especially if you experience technical issues you have to resolve on your own.

A Viable Data Storage Solution: Cloud Storage

With external hard drives being a temporary storage solution at best for most companies that use drones regularly, it’s important for you to research alternative storage technologies for your drone footage. One technology you may want to consider is cloud data storage.

Like other enterprise data storage systems, cloud storage is secure. It’s also scalable and flexible. Anyone with the right credentials can access the data you store in the cloud from any location in the world that has an Internet connection. When you work with a third-party to provide data storage in the cloud, it will be that organization’s responsibility to remedy any technical problems that arise, saving you valuable time and money.

When you’re looking for data storage solutions such as cloud storage, it’s vital for you to consider the cost of cloud storage as well as the capabilities of the company supporting the storage. You should think about whether you want lifetime storage as well.

If you run a startup with a limited budget, you may want to try to preserve your resources by no longer saving older data. While that’s understandable, you need to weigh the potential savings against the possible problems that might arise if you need to recreate something involving your older data when that information is no longer stored.

Fill Out Our Storage Checklist Now

Of course, cloud storage isn’t the only option available to businesses that use drones as part of their usual daily operations. SANDirect has several of the best data storage solutions that will work for startups and established businesses alike. To find out which one is right for your organization, fill out our storage checklist now.

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