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Backing Up Your Security Camera Footage

In general, businesses have security cameras for a reason, which is to keep everyone and everything on their premises safe and in good condition. If something happens and it’s recorded, your security personnel can respond quickly, which can save lives, prevent injuries and keep your inventory and equipment intact and safe from vandalism or theft.

While security cameras can certainly help keep your employees, visitors and assets safe and secure, they’re not a fail-safe against unfortunate events. If something nefarious does happen at your business, however, security cameras can provide the evidence you need to identify the perpetrators. This evidence can help police make arrests and it can also assist in the prosecution of criminals.

In many states, it’s mandatory to store surveillance footage for a certain period of time. Depending on where your company is located, you may have to store footage from your security cameras for one to three months.

Data Storage for Security Cameras

If you’re required to keep your security camera footage around for any length of time, you’re probably curious about the data storage technologies that are available in the marketplace. There are three main data storage solutions that are available for storing security camera footage, internal, external and the cloud.

For internal data storage, the required software has the ability to capture data in a digital format and save it on any number or storage devices, such as a flash drive, an SD card or a disk. This kind of software operates on a dedicated device that’s typically found in an operating system. Digital video recorders, which capture data from a network, can also be used for internal storage of surveillance video.

External data storage systems are ideal for corporations that have large data storage requirements. External data storage technology saves footage recorded by a network of security cameras and it can enhance recording times. External data storage solutions are available with different storage capacities so they’re scalable for businesses that are growing or downsizing. The drives used for external storage can be swapped out when they’re full and the drives are long-lasting and portable.

Today, many video surveillance systems are made to be compatible with the cloud. Cloud storage is often a smart pick for startups and businesses with a limited budget because it doesn’t require a big investment in equipment. Security camera systems that are compatible with the cloud will have a small hard drive where they save surveillance footage locally prior to uploading it to the cloud.

Contact SANDirect

If you save surveillance footage and you want the best data storage solution for your business to ensure you’re in compliance with your state’s requirements, contact SANDirect. We work with a network of digital partners that have data storage solutions that are perfect for your organization.

Whether you operate one location or several of them, we’ll identify multiple data storage technologies that will work seamlessly at your place or places of business. Contact SANDirect to learn more about our services and the data storage technologies that are available to you now.

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