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5 Ways The Right Data Storage Solution Will Make or Break Your Scientific Research

Few organizations and businesses can generate the sheer amount of data a properly structured research project can generate. To give you an idea of just how much data we’re talking about, European-based CERN announced last year its data center surpassed the 200 petabyte milestone for permanent tape-based data storage. And as our ability to read, measure, and record data becomes more technologically advanced across all disciplines, the necessity of having a viable data storage solution in place will be essential for the success of any project.

Proper Storage Methods Support Efficient Scientific Practices

A properly structured data storage solution provides researchers with access to systems and technologies that support the most efficient working habits. There are five commonly accepted benefits to a well-planned data storage system.

Multiple Sources of Data Require Interoperability and Ability to Integrate

Research is performed across a multitude of devices and data generated from multiple origins and applications. Potential storage technologies must integrate easily into a research project’s existing data collection infrastructure and be able adapt to new data streams as a project evolves. A solution unable to scale to multiple operating systems or adapt as new technology is introduced puts data integrity at risk.

Scalable Growth

Research data can grow exponentially and at the drop of a hat, depending on discoveries or the need to reassess historical data against new findings. Effective data storage solutions provide researchers the ability to scale data storage quickly and easily to support the research process. As with the need to allow data from multiple streams, it’s necessary that a data storage system allows scalability relative to data streams - if a breakthrough suddenly requires massive increases in video storage capacity, an effective solution would allow scaling only of that component of the storage, and not require the project to scale unnecessarily in other storage methods.

Scalable Costs

The limitations of funding and grants puts restrictions on projects that an effective data storage solution can help to alleviate. With the advent of cloud-based managed data storage solutions, service providers are able to tailor their services and scale to the necessary petabytes of storage across thousands of cores researchers require and still provide fees within the budgets of their clients - rather than flat costs, many services allow a “pay for what you use” model that allows scalability in services that can match the fluctuating needs of a research project.

Support the Scientific Method

There are several key tenants to scientific research supported by modern data storage solutions. In order to verify the validity of research or new findings, researchers must be able to quickly and easily compare current findings against historical data and in many cases show that research findings can be reproduced. The sheer volume of required data storage then is as much informed by current data collection as it is by the need to retain the entire historical body of information associated with the research.


For researchers, where cross-functional team collaboration and the ability to readily access any necessary information at speed is a must, data isn’t just something stored away for later use. Research is an active process and viable data storage technologies must address this need. Multipoint instantaneous access to all levels of current and historical data means research can occur at the speed of discovery.

A Technology Solution for All of Your Data Needs

Does your organization’s data storage solution meet all five characteristics of an effective technology solution? Are you paying what you should for the services that support the lifeblood behind your company’s success? Find out with a free quote from SANDirect today and see if an upgrade is in your future.

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