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5 Unique Data Storage Challenges That SMBs Face

As data becomes a driving component of success across all industries, it’s vital for small and medium businesses to have a data storage solution in place that can scale to the needs of the business that still allows ease of access and adheres to various regulatory requirements. Let’s take an in-depth look at five reasons many SMBs have taken to offloading onto service providers the more complicated and resource-dependent aspects of data storage.

Business Growth Creates Exponential Data Growth

As small and medium businesses navigate the early years of business growth, they will generate significant amounts of digital data in the form of new files, correspondence with new clients, client profiles, financial data, and all of the other pieces of information generated in the course of business. Until the revenue comes rolling in, though, there might not be funds or a need to put into play a robust data storage solution, so at the onset, it might be vital in order to support growth to identify and deploy a data storage solution that scales with the business.

Compliance with Government Regulations Isn’t Size-Dependent

Depending on the industry in which an SMB is operating, there is a strong chance that the government has requirements in place for client data retention and rules governing proper storage methods and accessibility. Therefore SMBs must put into play a secure data storage technology that is compliant with regulatory requirements and can provide the necessary accessibility for compliance audits.

Balancing Cost And Accessibility Against Security

Data storage and protection, even when managed by a service provider, can be a somewhat costly endeavor. Small and medium businesses are looking for low-cost and flexible storage solutions, but don’t like the complexity and costs that come with securing that data.

Limited Budget, Limited Staff

Economic drivers are forcing more and more businesses, especially SMBs, to do more with less. Constraints on funding and staffing put pressure on IT professionals to manage an ever-growing avalanche of data with limited resources. This has led to an explosion in the managed services sector, allowing SMBs to scale data storage systems and other IT functionality at a fraction of the cost of handling them in-house.

Unprepared for Data Loss

Whether due to a lack of budget or lack of expertise, many SMBs have no data storage solution in place for backing up business critical data. Even when an SMB does have a system in place, it’s more often than not been implemented as a set-and-forget turn-key solution that requires little effort on their part and might not be comprehensive enough to support the organization through a catastrophic data loss event.

We Specialize in Data Storage Solutions So You Don’t Have To

In order to navigate and compete in the modern economy against larger corporations, small and medium business owners need to find ways to fill the gaps in their business acumen. When it comes to IT and data storage, SANDirect can elevate your organization’s data management game to the next level. A brief survey describing your data storage needs, and our team can connect you to industry-leading providers who can help set you up with the data storage solutions that are right for your small or medium business.

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