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Nexsan Storage Arrays

Nexsan Storage Arrays


Data Storage Systems

Flexible, intuitive channel-centric unified hybrid storage solutions with enterprise-class features and superior value. The Nexsan family of storage products, provided by global storage and data security leader Imation, offers efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use storage solutions for mid-size clients. With built-in scalability, excellent space and energy efficiency, unbeatable cost efficiency, Nexsan is specially built for enterprise usage. Simplify your storage experience with deployment in mere minutes, self-sufficient systems, and knowledgeable support. Data growth shouldn't be feared; it should be conquered with a storage platform that eliminates hassle, frustration, and complexity.  

  • Easy - From its practical user interface to its automated processes, Nexsan stands out from the competition in every way. Manage multiple systems and screens from just one page with a clean layout, alter your array capacity easily through our simple physical interface, and protect your storage infrastructure effortlessly with the Volume Shadow Copy Services and Virtual Disk Server interface. Friendly wizards help you navigate the management process to ensure the right setup for your organization, and the web-based interface permits remote management with security and peace of mind.
  • Efficient - Nexsan's innovative Highly Efficient Storage (HES) overcomes the space and energy constraints of medium-sized businesses. Up to 15 drives can be fit into each rack unit, unlike competing units than can only hold four or five. This creates maximum density in a tiny footprint. And Nexsan's Active Drawer technology, the first in the industry, allows you to pull out a drawer to replace or maintain drives—while the system is still running, and without specialized training. All this adds up to significant cost savings: as much as 67% in costs as compared to other storage solutions. With Nexsan's unique storage platform, you can enjoy enterprise-class features without an enterprise price tag.