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NetApp Storage Arrays

NetApp Storage Arrays


Universal Storage System

Innovative data management and storage solutions that push the limits of technology to deliver responsive, cost-effective and competitive data operations. With NetApp's storage solutions, organizations no longer have to choose between saving money and increasing business responsiveness. Protect and access data quickly and securely with cutting-edge data management and storage solutions for virtualization, business applications, and cloud environments. The award-winning Data ONTAP storage OS allows you to create a shared infrastructure that enhances the speed, scale, and economics of business. By partnering with industry leaders across the globe, NetApp has developed highly efficient and cost-effective data solutions that can: * Cut your data center footprint in half * Boot storage system performance by up to 400% and storage utilization by up to 200% * Reach as much as 166% ROI for data center transformation.

For over 20 years, NetApp has enabled businesses of all sizes to stay ahead of the game by operating more quickly and affordably than their competitors. Companies from all areas have improved their competitive advantage with NetApp's storage solutions, including the media, Internet, gaming, and financial industries, among others. NetApp's strong community values are evident in the high quality products and services, as well as the ongoing relationships with partners in the application, consulting, infrastructure, and cloud service industries. Thanks to NetApp's industry-leading technology, unbeatable value, and excellent support, previously impossible data storage and management capabilities have just become possible.