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QLogic All-Flash Storage

QLogic All-Flash Storage


FabricCache Adapter

The QLogic FabricCache 10000 Series Adapter brings many economic benefits to data centers, ranging from increased revenue, extending the life of existing SANs, lowering operating expenses, and lowering capital expenditures.

The FabricCache QLE10000 sets a new standard for SAN data acceleration. The I/O performance gap closes with the QLE10000, which provides the entire SAN with benefits ranging from OPEX and CAPEX savings, getting more out of an existing SAN, and increased revenue. Simple installation and management, and a shared cache across the entire fabric, sets the QLE10000 apart from other server-based caching solutions available today. QLogic continues to innovate the management and acceleration of enterprise SAN storage, and the FabricCache QLE10000 is the first product in a family of solutions that will make enterprise data centers, and the people who manage them, more efficient and effective for years to come.