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Overland Storage Backup & Archiving

Overland Storage Backup & Archiving

Overland Storage

Archiving with NEO Series Libraries

NEO Series® tape libraries provide the capacities, features and efciencies needed for archived data. Consider the following ways in which NEO can help you meet your archiving needs:

  • High capacity - with storage capacities ranging from 9.6TB to 3PB, NEO Series libraries deliver a exible amount of storage capacity designed to meet your data archiving needs.
  • High speed data retrieval - should you be called upon to retrieve archived data, NEO series libraries ensure that you can get it back quickly – with data transfer speeds of up to 24 TB/hr – allowing you to more effectively meet your SLAs (service level agreements) for archived data.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - even with cloud storage prices as low as $.10/GB, NEO libraries still deliver storage that is 1/5th the cost of cloud-based data archive. With an average cost of just $.02/GB, NEO Series tape libraries offer one of the lowest costs per gigabyte for long-term storage.