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About Us

SanDirect is a Charlotte, NC based reseller specializing in high availability data storage solutions. Our core business is helping our customers protect their valuable data. SanDirect is able to offer today’s most innovative data storage solutions through our partnerships with leading manufacturers and distributors. Our digital approach to marketing enables business professionals to easily find us allowing our solutions team to provide information needed for prospective buyers to research alternatives for protecting their data. SanDirect meets our customers where they are in their process of procuring data storage solutions.

Here's what to expect as you work with us.

Our Promise

SanDirect promises to do our best to provide our customers with the best advice, product recommendations, pricing and follow-on support services reminders possible.  In order to accomplish this promise, we will partner with leading providers of data storage systems and endeavor to provide our customers with more than a single choice of solutions.  For us, this means we promise to spend additional time exploring what two or three solutions might make sense.  We recognize that to deliver on our promise we spend more time than might be expected and still not get your business, but for us this promise makes sense.  We hope it makes sense to our customers.


We know that only our customers can measure whether they get value from working with SanDirect. As a boutique reseller we hope our value is recognized and you will reward us with your business according to your measure of our value. Here’s what you receive by working with SanDirect.

  • Save the time of explaining your needs to multiple sales people and resellers
  • Consistent reseller fees across all your quotes
  • Information to help you make better decisions about technology purchases
  • Access to our partner relationships for special discounts and programs
  • Alerts about when your support agreement is expiring


In order to deliver our promise and gaining your trust of our value we commit to:

  • Research the data storage industry and market and create partnerships that meet our customers’ needs
  • Continue to get better at digital marketing so our customers can find us using standard Internet searches with terms that are relevant
  • Staff SanDirect with professionals and can respond to your needs
  • Direct our staff to answer our company phones so you don’t waste time
  • Respond to your needs for information in a timely manner
    • SanDirect has direct communications with major distributors and manufacturers
    • Custom quotes are obtained from our partners and a 2-3 turnaround is normal
    • Support & maintenance renewals are obtained from the manufacturers and a 1-2 week turnaround is normal