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Fusion-io ioDrive Octal 10.24TB MLC Solid State Database Accelerator

[MLC NAND Flash SSD PCIe Card]

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ioDrive Octal 10.24TB MLC Solid State Database Accelerator  [MLC NAND Flash SSD PCIe Card]
The ioDrive Octal FS6-802-10T-CS-0001 packs the highest IOPS in the industry, 6 GB/s of bandwidth, and 10.24 TB of capacity into a single PCI Express device. This enables organizations to tackle previously unattainable workload challenges with a single server, eliminating the latency impact of accessing backing data stores.

The Fusion-io Advantage

  • Installing two ioDrives let one company disconnect a 100-hard-disk storage array, remove 3 of 4 CPUs, and reduce memory by half while increasing performance.
  • One ioDrive produces 1/1000th the heat of similar performing disk drive arrays.
  • The projected energy costs of the ioDrive are easily 50% lower than an equivalent disk storage array.
  • The ioDrive delivers microsecond--not millisecond--speeds in a new high performance memory tier on the system bus.
  • The ioDrive bridges the performance gap between RAM and disks.
  • The ioDrive can reduce power consumption by over 73%.
  • The ioDrive matches the performance of 600 parallel hard-disk drives in a storage array.
  • The ioDrive reverses the unsustainable trend of increasing data center cooling cost.
  • Fusion-io delivers magnitudes of increased performance with a zero floor space footprint.
  • The ioDrive is up to 1000 times faster at delivering data to the CPU than an enterprise hard-disk drive.



Accelerating Your Data

This revolutionary performance density allows organizations to:

  • Process multiple terabytes of data in a fraction of the time
  • Consolidate data-intensive infrastructure by an order of magnitude
  • Dramatically reduce failure points and system complexity
  • Slash power and cooling costs of expensive, data-intensive server farms


Multi Level Cell (MLC)
Capacity10.24 TB
Bus Type
PCI-E x16
OS Support
Windows Server 2003
Windows 64 bit
Write Bandwidth (MB/s)1,180,000
Read Bandwidth (MB/s)1,190,000
IOPS (mixed r/w)729,000
Latency (microsecond)N/A
Wear Leveling (yrs)5