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NetApp FAS2240-2 Universal Storage System for SMB & Distributed Enterprise



Free up your time, money, and people. You don’t need to be a storage expert to deploy and manage NetApp storage systems. The NetApp FAS2240 series provides a powerful range of technologies to help increase the efficiency of your storage administrators.

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Planning for Explosive data growth

Whether you are responsible for a growing midsize business or a remote or branch office of a larger organization, you are challenged more than ever by shrinking budgets, overextended staff, and the need to do more with less. These challenges, coupled with the increasing complexity of your Windows®, VMware®, or server virtualization environment, can quickly eat into your budget and affect your productivity.

The Solution:

Start right: Managing server and application sprawl on a shoestring budget? The NetApp FAS2000 series is not only affordable but provides a more powerful platform than other systems in its class:

  • Truly unified storage systems with list prices starting under $7,500.
  • All data protocols now included for no additional license fee.
  • Two times performance gain over previous-generation systems.
  • Administrative overhead slashed by up to 60% by leveraging one common skill set for all NetApp products.

Keep it simple: Free up your time, money, and people. You don’t need to be a storage expert to deploy and manage NetApp storage systems. The NetApp FAS2000 series provides a powerful range of technologies to help increase the efficiency of your storage administrators:

  • Rapidly deploy within minutes.
  • Manage via your Microsoft® Management Console, minimizing training costs.
  • No retraining as you expand capabilities or upgrade to larger systems.
  • Get tight integration with strategic virtualization and application partners, enabling administrators to manage 30–100% more storage.
  • Cut storage costs by up to 50% with industry-leading efficiency features such as deduplication and thin provisioning. 

NetApp OnCommand System Manager: OnCommand System Manager is the simple yet powerful browser-based management tool that enables admin- istrators to easily set up and manage individual NetApp FAS2000 systems. With System Manager, you can:

  • Rapidly deploy NetApp storage systems within minutes using System Manager’s intuitive wizard and workflow-driven interface.
  • Simplify common storage tasks such as creating volumes, LUNS, qtrees, shares, and exports.
  • Save time and prevent errors.
  • Use it across all NetApp storage
  • systems—unlike competitive products that manage only one class of storage. 

Grow smart: Protect your storage investment with systems that grow with your business needs:

  • Get a truly unified storage architecture.
  • Expand capacity and add functionality quickly and easily.
  • Seamlessly upgrade to other NetApp systems while using the same operating system and software tools.
  • Have built-in investment protection with the ability to convert your FAS2240 system to an external disk shelf for upgrading to larger NetApp systems.

NetApp FAS2000 storage systems deliver the right balance of affordability, simplicity, and performance.



Data ONTAP® Software

NetApp FAS2000 systems utilize the Data ONTAP® storage operating system, plus a common set of powerful, easy- to-use data management and data pro- tection software products. The scalable, unified software of NetApp systems uniquely provides a common software environment for both NAS and SAN, from entry systems through the largest data center systems.

With NetApp software on the FAS2000 you can:

  • Have each administrator manage two to three times more storage.
  • Protect your critical data.
  • Reduce disk purchases by 50% or more through a superior set of storage efficiency features.
  • Reduce provisioning time by up to 90%.
  • Cut test and development time in half.

Included standard with every FAS2000 system is a set of uniquely powerful NetApp software products that deliver highly efficient storage, simple manage- ment tools, and high performance.

In addition, optional Extended-Value Software products provide advanced capabilities such as instant data recovery, instant cloning, data replication, disk- to-disk backup, and application-aware backup and recovery.

SupportEdge services

NetApp Global Support delivers the highest availability for your enterprise data environment and helps you optimize your storage investments. Let NetApp mitigate support issues and drive operational best practices. NetApp’s innovative, proactive support means you’ll have fewer and less-severe support cases. But if a problem arises, our award-winning technical centers and field support staff—delivering in over 100 countries—won’t rest until it’s solved.

As an industry leader in innovation, NetApp Global Support provides tools and technology to enable business continuity. AutoSupportTM, NetApp’s suite of automation tools, is delivered as a service to help you proactively manage your systems and quickly resolve issues. AutoSupport functions as a “virtual staff” to protect critical data, save time, and reduce impact on your IT resources.


Max. Raw Capacity 374TB
Max. HDD Count 144
Host Connections FC, GigE, iSCSI, SAS
Max. FC Port Count 4
Max. GigE Port Count 8
Network Protocol Support CIFS, FC, iSCSI, NFS v2, NFS v3, NFS v4

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