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EMC Symmetrix DMX3000 Storage System

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Symmetrix DMX3000 Storage System
The DMX3000 has an initial maximum capacity of 230TB, but takes scalability to new heights, enabling you to scale up to 960 drives in a single system today�and even further as larger configurations are qualified.

Networked Storage System

Meet your most demanding service levels with the EMC Symmetrix DMX series—the world’s leading high-end networked storage solutions. Powerful, scalable DMX systems address the critical challenge of managing ever-escalating information growth. Now you can optimize your storage resources, support multiple service levels, centralize management, and reduce total cost of ownership—while consolidating like never before.

With Symmetrix DMX, you can consolidate while providing absolute availability and meeting the highest service-level requirements. You can protect your information and keep it available at all times—even in the event of a failure or site disaster. All at a price/performance level that matches your business needs. Symmetrix DMX delivers the performance and capacity you need today, while enabling you to scale seamlessly as your business grows. With a full range of systems, Symmetrix DMX handles your most extreme information requirements. The Symmetrix DMX-3 enables massive consolidation with the highest performance to support the largest capacities without sacrificing high-end functionality.

Keep growing—seamlessly

DMX systems are built on Symmetrix Direct Matrix Architecture—the proven storage array technology that delivers the highest possible I/O throughput. The uniquely flexible DMX architecture easily scales up and down, and configurations can be customized to meet the precise needs of your environment.

The Symmetrix DMX-3 takes scalability to new heights, enabling you to scale up to 960 drives in a single system today—and even further as larger configurations are qualified. So you can easily keep pace with expanding information volumes. Scale array capacity, connectivity, and performance smoothly over time. And get continuously high performance—regardless of application load. Implement in-the-box tiered storage to optimize resources and reduce your total cost of ownership.

One Symmetrix DMX system can support multiple storage tiers and applications—so you can handle multiple service-level requirements, simplify complexity, and consolidate management in a single array. With Symmetrix DMX supporting your tiered storage needs, you get industry-leading availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery capabilities—to ensure constant and consistent protection for your entire business.

Keep running no matter what

With Symmetrix DMX, you get constant information access—a crucial need for any growing enterprise. Advanced availability and data integrity features include full redundancy, proactive monitoring, and error detection and correction. And non-disruptive upgrades, operations, and online reconfigurations eliminate and avoid planned and unplanned disruptions—reducing TCO and IT overhead. Get the most comprehensive business continuity protection through robust software, flexible connectivity options, industry-proven architecture—and industry-leading service and support. For superior data availability and continuous operation, SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) software enables you to copy and send any amount of data, any time, over any distance. TimeFinder software gives you high-performance local replication capabilities for business continuity. And with EMC Open Replicator for Symmetrix you can redeploy storage for cost-effective recovery-site vaulting on heterogeneous storage systems.

Make relocation, repurposing, and tiering easy.

Copy and move data to where it provides the most value. Symmetrix DMX keeps your information highly mobile while minimizing complexity and disruption. Move data between storage tiers, platforms, and sites—quickly, efficiently, and without disruption. EMC Open Migrator/LM software provides automated online data migration/data mobility—at the volume level—for Microsoft Windows and UNIX servers. With EMC Open Replicator for Symmetrix you can perform high-speed data migrations between Symmetrix and qualified storage systems. And for mainframe users, EMC Logical Data Migration Facility (LDMF) provides non-disruptive dataset-level migration between different-size volumes. As always, you also benefit from EMC’s full suite of advanced, automated, multi-vendor storage and content management software—which is fully compatible with previous system generations.

Powered by the most proven, reliable operating system

At the core of all Symmetrix DMX systems is EMC Enginuity, the world’s most intelligent, proven storage operating environment. Enginuity provides functional compatibility, storage interoperability, and operational efficiencies that help you protect your investment. You also benefit from exceptionally flexible connectivity. Ports can be configured with the worlds fastest FICON or ESCON for mainframe connectivity, Fibre Channel for open systems SAN connectivity, native Gigabit Ethernet for remote replication, and iSCSI. All models offer full concurrent support and compatibility for open systems, including Linux, mainframe, and iSeries.

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System Configuration
Max. Raw Capacity230TB
Max. Cache256GB
Min. CacheN/A
Max. HDD Count576
Min. HDD CountN/A
HDD Support
73GB FC 10K
73GB FC 15K
146GB FC 10K
146GB FC 15K
300GB FC 10K
400GB FC 10K
RAID Support
RAID 1+0
Host Connections
1Gb FC
2Gb FC
Fibre Bandwidth to HostN/A
Fibre Bandwidth to DiskN/A
OS Support
NAS/iSCSI SupportN/A
Model Upgrade OptionsN/A
Performance Specifications
Bandwidth to HostN/A
IOPS Cache Burst RateN/A
SPC-1 IOPS BenchmarkN/A
MB/s Transfer RateN/A
Non-Disruptive Options
Component ReplacementYes
Hot-Pluggable DisksYes
Microcode UpdatesYes