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EMC Symmetrix DMX-3 Storage System

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Symmetrix DMX-3 Storage System
Your information keeps growing faster than ever. Be ready with the EMC Symmetrix DMX-3 series which supports more than 1 petabyte of storage. With DMX-3 systems you can manage and protect all of your data�and keep it available always.

Consolidate without compromise.

EMC Symmetrix DMX-3 brings you the most powerful networked storage solution available. It builds on the proven success of the Symmetrix Direct Matrix Architecture—while bringing you new levels of capacity and performance. So you benefit from a powerful combination of incremental scalability, constant availability, and exceptional data mobility.

Symmetrix DMX-3 enables massive consolidation to deliver all the benefits of tiered storage in one system. And it offers the flexibility to address the changing needs of your business—quickly and effectively. For the most extreme, demanding storage environments, Symmetrix DMX-3 provides a powerful solution that’s also remarkably simple to manage.

Bring it all together.

Your extremely large storage environment demands the extensive capacity of Symmetrix DMX-3, plus the high performance to support that capacity. Symmetrix DMX-3 lets you bring together data from multiple systems into one reliable, high-end networked storage system. In the past, you would have to buy and manage multiple systems to achieve the capacity and performance offered by Symmetrix DMX-3.

Now you can consolidate your data and applications for simpler management and lower costs.

Grow as your needs change.

Choose the capacity and performance that fit the needs of your organization. The incremental scalability of Symmetrix DMX-3 lets you scale up to 960 drives in a single system today—and even further as larger configurations are qualified. And you can increase performance as your requirements change—online and without disruption. As your needs exceed your initial capacity and performance requirements, you can add to your storage system. So you'll be ready no matter what new requirements, connections, and business demands come along.

Our high-end customers asked for this seamless level of flexibility. And now it's here—with Symmetrix DMX-3.

Leverage tiered storage in one system.

You have many service-level requirements within your enterprise. Now you can reduce your operational overhead and the complexity of managing these different service levels. With Symmetrix DMX-3, you can consolidate them in a single array with in-the-box tiered storage—which lets you put multiple storage tiers, applications, and arrays on one Symmetrix DMX system.

Take the next step.

Find out more about how Symmetrix DMX-3 can be configured to meet your specific needs. Discover how your organization can benefit from Symmetrix DMX-3 solutions—for massive consolidation and more. Call toll-free now: 866-463-3372.

System Configuration
Max. Raw Capacity1054TB
Max. Cache256GB
Min. CacheN/A
Max. HDD Count2400
Min. HDD CountN/A
HDD Support
73GB FC 10K
73GB FC 15K
146GB FC 10K
146GB FC 15K
300GB FC 10K
400GB FC 10K
RAID Support
RAID 1+0
Host Connections
1Gb FC
2Gb FC
4Gb FC
Fibre Bandwidth to HostN/A
Fibre Bandwidth to DiskN/A
OS Support
NAS/iSCSI SupportN/A
Model Upgrade OptionsN/A
Performance Specifications
Bandwidth to HostN/A
IOPS Cache Burst RateN/A
SPC-1 IOPS BenchmarkN/A
MB/s Transfer RateN/A
Non-Disruptive Options
Component ReplacementYes
Hot-Pluggable DisksYes
Microcode UpdatesYes