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·Nimbus Data Deploys Over One Petabyte of Flash Memory in One Month
·Nexsan E5000 | Product Review
·EMC VNX Series | Product Review
·EMC VNXe | Product Review
·EMC VFCache | Product Review

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·Mark Hagerty

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·Backups to the Cloud
·Considerations about Remote Replication
·Considerations for Remote Data Backup
·Data Archiving Best Practices – The Trouble with Using Backup Storage for Archival
·Data Archiving in the Cloud
·Data Archiving: Tape vs. Disc
·Data Recovery Specialists – When the Loss is Beyond IT’s Reach
·De - De - De - Deduplication
·Dell vs. EMC: High Stakes
·Discovering the Benefits of CNAs
·DR Through System Architecture
·Enterprise Storage Systems for Disaster Recovery
·Four Signs Your Enterprise May be Ready for SSD
·Full, Incremental, and Differential Backup Explained
·Hidden causes of Catastrophic Data Loss
·How Much Should Cost be the Concern in Enterprise Data Backup?
·How Secure is Your Data?
·Infiniband VS 10GB Ethernet
·Is Your Enterprise Networking Solution Secure?
·Liability & Data Encryption
·Maximizing Storage Space through Deduplication
·Migrating to the Cloud – Are You Compatible?
·Planning Out Your Data Center Facility
·QLogic’s Intelligent Storage Router: 50’s SciFi Cool in Your Data Center
·Reasons to Perform Data Center Consolidation
·Scalability Breeds Success
·Scaled Down Data Archiving Methods for SMBs
·Seek Out Flexibility and Customization when Picking Archiving Software
·Single-Molecule Magnets will miniaturize HDDs
·Solid State for Data Storage Performance
·Speed vs. Affordability: How to Pick an Enterprise Backup Service
·SSD 101: What You Need to Know About the Latest Enterprise SSD Technology
·SSD Manufacturer Overview
·SSD vs HDD - Cost Effectiveness Formula
·The Benefits of Automated Storage Tiering
·The Benefits of Virtual Tape Libraries
·The Benefits of VMWare
·The Future of NAS Devices
·The Importance of Offsite Data Protection
·The Past, Present and Future of InfiniBand
·The Pros and Cons of Disk Based Backup
·Training the Weakest Link
·Virtual Tape Backup - Making Life Easier for Data Admins
·Water Damage: What NOT to do
·What is Clustered Storage? Answering the Million Dollar Question.
·What is Data Infrastructure Hygiene?
·What is Storage Virtualization?
·What’s the Difference Between Data Backup and Data Archiving?
·Whats so unique about Clustered Storage?
·Who Needs Small Business Data Protection?
·Who's Who On the SSD-Tuned Array Bandwagon
·Why is that drive so expensive?

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·American Tire Virtualizes Oracle with EMC VNX
·Apple Final Cut Pro - The Ultimate Space Hog
·Archival Storage | Tech Primer
·Broadband Video Streaming – If It Doesn’t Fly, They’ll Tune Out
·Cloud Storage Concepts | Tech Primer
·Clustered Storage Architecture | Tech Primer
·Content Addressed Storage | Tech Primer
·Data Virtualization Adds a Single Point Access
·Determining if a SAN is right for You
·Determining Your SSD Wants vs. Your True Needs (The Pros and Cons)
·EMC VFCache | Product Review
·EMC VNX Series | Product Review
·EMC VNXe | Product Review
·Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) | Tech Primer
·Geospatial Mapping Images and Surveys – Why Adequate Isn’t Enough
·Green Storage - Taming the Power Hungry Data Center
·HDD Shortage Points to SSD as an Alternative
·Hitachi / FalconStor VTL | Product Review
·Hitachi Data Systems Announces Acquisition of BlueArc
·Hitachi Storage Economics Primer
·Industry veteran Doug Hooton joins Scale executive team from EMC
·InfiniBand Connectivity | Tech Primer
·Inland Intermodal chooses SANDirect Storage Solution for infrastructure overhaul
·Isilon's Clustered Systems Support Virtualized Data Storage
·Liberte Ousts HP LeftHand, Selects Scale Computing's Intelligent Storage Solution to Complete Virtualization Project
·LiveOffice upgrades their mission-critical storage
·NetApp and VMware Help Make Cloud A Reality
·NetApp Certifies ARTEC E-Mail Archiving Appliances
·NetApp Honored for Innovative Energy-Efficient Data Center Design
·Nexsan E5000 | Product Review
·Nexsan Highlighted in Data Protection Report for Features and Efficiency
·Nimbus Data Deploys Over One Petabyte of Flash Memory in One Month
·Push Button Exchange Failover
·QLogic Acquires NetXen
·QLogic Intelligent Storage Router (ISR) | Product Review
·Scalable Midrange NAS | Tech Primer
·Scale Computing S1 Cluster | Product Review
·Scale-Out Storage | Case Study
·Steve Wozniak Joins Fusion-io as Chief Scientist
·Storage Requirements for Social Media Content Distribution
·Storage Systems for HD Video Broadcast & Streaming
·Storage Virtualization | Tech Primer
·Ta-Tung Hospital chooses Hitachi Storage
·The High Storage Demands of Video Game Design Graphic Assets and Renderings
·What the Stats Say about the Future of Data Storage for SMBs

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SANDirect is a privately owned firm specializing in high availability Data Storage Solutions. We assess, analyze and know storage. Our core business is protecting customers' data. SANDirect has an extremely knowledgeable staff, a Professional Attitude and offers competitive pricing to our customers. We eat, sleep and live Storage. Intelligent storage infrastructures dictate quality partnerships and a dedicated, knowledgeable staff. SANDirect is proud to offer the very best of both.
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Our staff of Storage Architects is strictly focused on storage. We believe you should choose one thing and do it better than anyone else.

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 Data Archiving in the Cloud
Any company dealing with massive sets of data immediately understands the importance of secure, scalable and high-performance data storage. The problem is, as your organization upgrades computing systems and methods of storing data, a lot of data becomes outdated and dormant. This is where a soli... Date: Monday 09 May, 2011
Topic: Cloud Storage
Author: Mark Hagerty
 Reasons to Perform Data Center Consolidation
Data center consolidation can greatly reduce energy consumption, saving operating costs and eliminating environmental waste simultaneously. Date: Wednesday 04 May, 2011
Topic: Storage Strategy
Author: Mark Hagerty
 What is Data Infrastructure Hygiene?
Data infrastructure hygiene refers to procedures like email archiving that lower the costs and increase efficiencies in data management. Date: Wednesday 04 May, 2011
Topic: Storage Strategy
Author: Mark Hagerty
 The Benefits of VMWare
VMWare’s portability allows for easy disaster recovery, providing users the ability to access a virtual machine from different locations. Date: Monday 02 May, 2011
Topic: VMware
Author: Thomas
 The Benefits of Automated Storage Tiering
Automated storage tiering is a method by which a company’s stored data is put into different performance tiers rather than storing everything in one common repository. This type of storage architecture is becoming increasingly popular with businesses that are looking for ways... Date: Wednesday 20 April, 2011
Topic: Storage Strategy
Author: Thomas
 Who's Who On the SSD-Tuned Array Bandwagon
This year has seen practically all of the major storage manufacturers hopping aboard the solid state bandwagon—and for good reason, given the improvements in performance, capacity, cost of ownership, lower energy consumption, and the ability to realize those benefits while utilizing existin... Date: Wednesday 30 March, 2011
Topic: SSD
Author: Will
 SSD Manufacturer Overview
Nearly every major storage manufacturer now offers an SSD option. Some are more practical from a cost perspective than others, and all are constructed and organized in a unique way. In general, there are two basic types of SSD offerings: The server-side and the storage-side. ... Date: Wednesday 30 March, 2011
Topic: SSD
Author: Will
 Four Signs Your Enterprise May be Ready for SSD
Determining whether SSD is right for your organization can be challenging. To simplify matters, SANDirect has developed a list of indicators that your enterprise may be ready. You’re considering purchasing more HDDs with the primary goal of increasing performance. Y... Date: Wednesday 30 March, 2011
Topic: SSD
Author: Will
 SSD vs HDD - Cost Effectiveness Formula
The process of determining the best method for meeting your organization’s performance needs is complex, but SANDirect’s cost-effectiveness formula can help. We recommend that you take notes for each step of the formula and keep the numbers handy during your decision-making process. Y... Date: Wednesday 30 March, 2011
Topic: SSD
Author: Will
 Solid State for Data Storage Performance
In recent years, HDD has achieved remarkable gains in capacity while performance has proportionally decreased. As a result, many companies find themselves purchasing capacity well in excess of their needs while struggling to attain the performance they require. Especially when implementing a high... Date: Wednesday 30 March, 2011
Topic: SSD
Author: Will
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